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"The Fastest Way to Kill a Company Culture"

Updated: Mar 4

Kill a Company
Kill a Company

One of the most important factors affecting the success of large corporate cultures is the rewarding of toxic high-performing team members and leaders who always make themselves the subject and care more about their ego than the company's goals. Such rewards replace humility with arrogance and undermine teamwork. This disrupts the extraordinary teamwork in companies and leads to high employee turnover.

In order for companies to develop a healthy culture, they should create a trusting environment with selfless and humble leaders who encourage co-operation. This way, team spirit and co-operation, which are crucial for the profitability and success of the company, can be strengthened. Teamwork enables the company to better achieve its goals by recognizing the contribution of each individual.

Ego-driven behaviors will create a negative impact within the organization, reducing the success and productivity of companies in the short term. Therefore, companies should get rid of ego-driven leaders and employees and promote a collaborative culture. It should not be forgotten that working together is the best way for long-term success and sustainable growth. 

By keeping these values in mind, companies can have a healthier and more productive culture. A successful corporate culture not only increases profitability but also increases employee motivation and job satisfaction. By adopting the principle of "we are better together," we can contribute more to the success of companies. However, in our country, we can only see these approaches in foreign companies. In those companies, after a while, when they put local managers in charge, they try to benefit abroad by taking away the rights of employees to appear profitable and creating profitability in numbers. But they do not realize that they are laying dynamite at the bottom of the company's future.  Kill a Company

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